Monday, October 13, 2014

Room in Our Hearts

What a week!  The time is flying by once again.  We had a 'Moves Call' yesterday - all the missionaries call into a conference call and we announce where the missionaries will be serving, their callings, and their companions. So that was yesterday, and this Wednesday we will have moves.  I will receive my new companion, Elder Skinner.  He isn't quite a "new companion" but more of a "3-Peat".  We were companions in the MTC, companions in Drammen, and now will be here in Sandvika!  It's quite exciting - he will definitely be a lifelong friend!

Elder Jones and I served our last full week in our proselyting area, he will be serving as a traveling assistant - meaning that he will travel to all areas in Norway and train the missionaries.  It'll be an exciting way for him to end his mission!

As for the week of proselyting, we spent a lot of days knocking on doors - some positive and some not interested.  We had the opportunity to spend some time in Stavanger, teaching a woman who should be getting baptized by the end of the month.  I have known her for close to a year now, and have kept in contact with her.    
She is an incredible woman who has had a powerful experience in coming to know the power of God, she knows that He knows her individually.

It has been possibly the most rewarding experience to watch her growth along the journey to baptism.  It is such an incredible blessing to be a missionary.  The Spirit helps to change the hearts of our Heavenly Father's children.  Our very own hearts can be changed if we allow them to be.  My testimony that this is real, is one that has come firsthand.  If we give room in our hearts, it will happen.  It happens in His time and in His way, but it happens!

During the teach we had with her, I felt prompted that we needed to share this very powerful movie with her:

It's incredible to know that these miracles are real.  I know that they are.  I have been both on the receiving end as well as the giving end of them.  I am grateful that our loving Heavenly Father desires that we know of His love and concern for us.  I continue to hope that all will come to know of these things - they are real!

Have a great week!

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