Monday, March 18, 2013

2nd Week in Norway and Norwegian

Hello everyone!!

I am grateful for this opportunity I get to write everyone and share what I have been up to here in Norway!  This week was great, as I am starting to overcome jet lag and even starting to understand the language!  This week was a solid one, we had a few teaches.  We are teaching many diverse people which is excellent, some from Brazil and some from Norway.  We tracted into a guy from Venezuela the other day which was an awesome experience.  It's been really cool to feel my growth and get more acclimated with the language.

Language - I have had some comments from the natives telling me that they are impressed with my language skills.  I really have been getting better every day and I think yesterday at church I understood close to 70% of the discussions and meetings at church.  It's an absolute blessing from the Lord to have the Gift of Tongues.  It's a real thing, because I tried studying French for 5 years and it never clicked the way this does.  I am so grateful for it.

Zone Conference - Saturday we had Zone Conference with the western part of the mission.  I got to meet tons of missionaries and we had about 18 missionaries total, in our apartment here in Stavanger.  It was great to become acquainted with each one of them and to feel the Spirit that other missionaries possess.  I look forward to the day where I become more adjusted to the lifestyle.  My mission president told me that I was a little impatient (I just work very hard at trying to understand the language).  Overall, it's been helping me a lot!

We have many teaching appointments.  We have been getting to know and love the members more.  There are some excellent families here in Stavanger and I love the experience and opportunity I have to meet them.  It's exciting to get the feeling of loving random strangers and trying to assist them in their relationship with Christ.

Crazy experience - Yesterday we went to meet with a man to give him a Book of Mormon (Mormons Bok here in Norway).  Turns out he brought a friend with him and they were trying to dispute our faith.  I sat and relied on the Spirit to discern what he had to say, and just testified of the truth and change the Book of Mormon can bring to one's life.  I told him that I was not forced to go on this mission.  I stated that I am 22-years old and it was by my absolute own desire, and that I know that book can change lives.  I testified boldly to him of the truth of it.  He told me he respected my testimony of it and we ended up leaving them as he tried to dispute other things.  They took the book and I challenged him to read it.  He may not ever do it, but I am grateful for the opportunity to testify of truths.  It really is an experience to be a part of this.  To have personal study at 8 am every morning, where I get to read and study scriptures that give me guidance and hope in a world that lacks it.  It brings a light and strength in my life that I couldn't find anywhere else.  There really is a power through faith that I have come to understand through a study and love of service.  I am grateful for all of the support that I am able to receive and I hope that you all are praying to strengthen your own faith.  It is a humble beginning on a path to great happiness.

Thank you all.

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