Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Norwegians Cherish Their Families

Hello all!!

This week has flown by!  I am beginning to feel even more comfortable here in Norway and slowly getting over the effects of jet lag, still.  Crazy - but 3 weeks ago from today I was sitting on a plane flying out here to Norway!  I am here now and still can't speak the language, but am constantly improving and getting a better ear for it.  The best part is, we have been teaching many lessons. Possibly why it feels like the time just flies by.  Just this past Tuesday, I was able to go up to Haugesund where I was on splits with District Leader Elder Johnson.  I learned a ton from him, rode my first ferry in Norway, saw a beautiful city, and got involved in helping with the work up there.  The next day we had a little adventure where I almost forgot all my books and other things at the apartment - so I missed my return ferry and took a bus home instead.  It was a fun adventure, but I ended up getting back into Stavanger around 9:30 in time to get ready for the next day.

We have been working hard in Sandnes, many appointments, and we've been trying to contact and knock with a 'Families Can Be Together Forever Approach' and it is quite successful.  Norwegians love their families and it is very apparent with the reactions we get.  We had an excellent conversation with a woman I smiled and waved to while she was walking her dog, and she just wanted to start talking with us.  It's an excellent opportunity to be a missionary - many people recognize the good we are trying to serve the world.  It inspires hope and it is so great to be on the right side of the work.  I have to say that I really do love my calling and that being called to Norway was just the icing on the cake, essentially. 

Today, we had a good time at the Oil Museum here in Stavanger, I am attaching many pictures from my experience.  I hope you all enjoy!  I am very grateful for all the positive support and responses that I get from friends and family back home.  You are all truly a blessing to me and I know and feel your love!  I'm so grateful to be able to represent the church and my family!  I hope you all have an excellent week!

Eldste Holden

Our Zone at a recent Zone Conference

Tribute to Harald Hardrada - King of Norway

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