Monday, August 19, 2013

1st Transfer to Alta, Norway

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was our moves call, and I knew I would be moving for the first time in my mission experience!  I went to attend a couple training meetings on Wednesday.  We woke up at 4 AM to take a bus to the airport.  We flew into Oslo that morning and had about 5-6 hours of meetings.  It was great to see the Elders from my district in the MTC!  It was the first time I have seen them since being in the field!  I have missed them a ton, so it was so fun to see them again and share some experiences.

As for the moves call.... I will be training a missionary from Hawaii!  And we will be moving up to.... Alta, Norway!  Unreal.  When I was in the MTC, I said that that was not where I wanted to go, but I have been being prepared, because I'm actually really excited to go now!  It's a great new adventure.  Something pretty cool.... it is the furthest North a missionary serves in the entire world.  So, I will be serving in the furthest north area anyone can go.  I will be training a missionary from Hawaii and I can't wait!  Wednesday we will be flying up there for the move!  Just in time for the cold season to start approaching fast . . . we'll see how long I will stay up there!

This week seems to have been a bit long . . . due to knowing that I was going to move and approach a new area, new calling, new companion, training.  I'm not nervous at all about it, more so very anxious and excited to see what we've got ahead of us!  I've heard the branch there has about 15 solid people showing up weekly.  I would love to add to that!  I love challenges and cannot wait to get started working at another.

An awesome story that happened from this week - I have been serving in this area for 20+ weeks.  I have been visiting a less-active couple for nearly every week since I have been here, and have been inviting them to come to church with never any success.  Finally, the last talk... about 15 minutes left in sacrament meeting they came to the last talk at sacrament meeting!  Unreal!  What a blessing that was.... it was all worth it!  They mentioned that as they woke up in the morning that they had no energy and had to force themselves up saying they had made a promise to us and could not break it.  They came!  Then, the best part was that they asked us to send the next missionaries who would be in our area to meet them.  They told us we had made a great impact on their lives and really appreciated it.  That was so satisfying!  I am so grateful for that experience and the feeling of accomplishment of seeing them at church on Sunday!

I know the smallest progress towards following the Savior and His teachings bring the greatest satisfaction to Him.  I know the Gospel blesses every single person who gives ear to it.  It is the most fulfilling work to be a part of as a missionary for Christ.  I am grateful for the challenges that lay ahead of us.  I know many great things are about to come from this mission.  I just love to be the Lord's servant!

I hope everyone has an excellent week!

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