Monday, December 2, 2013

Christ's Atonement: Physical and Spiritual Healing

Hello everyone!!

This week has been awesome!  We have been able to achieve a lot of great things here in Stavanger so far!  My president initially said that the area was dead - a huge challenge to come in and 'keep the fire burning' that I had kindled up in the North.  So, here we are in Stavanger again and I've been here 5-6 weeks.  The area has been picking up a ton and we have had some awesome miracles!  The one person I would like to focus my writing on this week is a woman we have been teaching for several weeks.  She is a single mother of a 19-year-old son.  She is currently living in Stavanger to study at the university and she seeks to finish her studies.  When the missionaries met her on the street, they were able to get her number.  When I moved back down here I called that number on the first night and got an appointment for the next day!

That next day, she was brought to tears.  She was sharing experiences she had had of praying to Heavenly Father and receiving strength through Christ.  Her health had been slipping at one point.  She did not grow up in a religious home, but thought to pray as she was struggling with her health.  Ever since that day, she says her health has gradually increased.  She said that when she prayed, she felt hands on her shoulders - helping her receive strength to endure.  She has experienced the grace and mercy of Christ's Atonement, which heals us physically and spiritually.  From that experience we've been able to share with her the message we teach.  We've had many members involved in the teach and she loves to sit and discuss the gospel with the members.  After a few weeks, she decided she wanted to come to church.  On her first church meeting, she was touched by the Spirit and was brought to tears.  This past week we had a fast and testimony meeting in church and I was told she was crying throughout the meeting.

My most favorite thing about this woman is when she comes into the church, she has the biggest smile!  She feels the love of the Savior as she walks into the church and sees the pictures of Christ.  This past Saturday, she attended a Super Saturday activity that was put on by the Relief Society.  I walked into the gym during the activity and she was beaming!  She came up to me and told me about the activity, that they had been doing yoga, watched a spiritual movie, and then were going to be doing crafts.  She was so excited about the new friends that she had made!  It was amazing to see the love and joy that she had.  She doesn't stop smiling and saying 'eg e heldig!' - I am lucky!

It is a huge blessing to be able to teach this woman, and every person we are able to teach.  The members in this ward are absolutely incredible.  The Spirit that is present at these meetings is so fulfilling!  I am so grateful to be a missionary and to be able to meet these special people in Stavanger, Norway!

I hope everyone has an excellent week!

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