Monday, November 25, 2013

A Renewed Faith in God

Hello everyone!!

This week was absolutely unbelievable.  It was completely up and down!  It first started with splits with a brand new missionary in the land.  This missionary is from London, he is 21 and also decided to serve a mission a little bit later.  If you can imagine the excitement I had to be serving with someone who had so much drive towards the mission!  He told me, "I originally really didn't want to serve a mission" - I could strongly second that along with him.

That night, Elder Edwards and I went out to a member's for dinner.  We shared a spiritual thought was incredible.  The members told us that they felt the Spirit and it really started off our proselyting night.  We then followed with a little rejection and led to an amazing experience right before the end of the night.  We were in a dark are in the city sentrum.  We were lead to an area where we had just begun strolling at 8:45.  We contacted a girl on the street who tried to pretend that she didn't speak Norwegian.  I just laughed with her and said, "Really? Do you come from Stavanger?"  After a little more joking, she started speaking Norwegian and we started talking about the Book of Mormon.  Elder Edwards (he's been a missionary for 7 days at this point) gave her a book and told her she could have it.  We started talking about why the Book of Mormon was important and then she just straight up asked Elder Edwards why he was a member of the church.  He responded with a very powerful testimony of leaving his family that he loves for 2 years to share a message that is true.  She got teary-eyed, said that was powerful, then turned to me and asked me the same question.  I bore my testimony to her that God knew her specifically and loved her, and that this was a very special moment for us.  The Spirit was absolutely strong.  She was brought to tears.  I got her number to meet up with her again, but Elder Edwards - being the more experienced missionary said to her,  "I need to say this to you . . . If you find out that this church is God's true church on the Earth, will you be baptized?"  She responded, "yes."  I was very surprised!  Then he said, "If you are to find out this church is true by January 12th will you be baptized?"  She said, "yes." She then told us that we had renewed her faith in God on the street.

It was absolutely incredible to walk away from that experience and know that God knew her individually.  She felt the Spirit of God right there on that street.  It confirmed to her that what we had said was truth - and it helped her to be comforted that night.

There were many more experiences we had this past week.  This was possibly my most favorite though.  There are many miracles flowing here in the west of Norway.  I know that God answers prayers of a humble child.  I know that as we act on faith, we can be blessed tremendously.  It is my hope that everyone acts on their hope and that leads to faith.  There really is a God that loves us individually.  We should never forget this truth.

Have an excellent week!

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