Monday, January 6, 2014

Back to the Grind

This week was so great to get back into the swing of missionary work!  It was pretty packed with good things.  One of our investigators said she had been smoke-free for 2 days before we met with her!  Another one of our investigators has been reading on the church's website and loving everything she reads.  She told us that she used to be afraid of the gospel and the Bible and everything but now since we have helped her feel the love of the gospel and meet so many great people - she looks forward with hope!  She is such an amazing person and has the greatest smile.  She says it might take her 6 months to 2 years to join the church, she really doesn't know, but I told her I really didn't care how long it took her.  She is reading the Book of Mormon, she is coming to church, she is reading things about Joseph Smith, and you can see the light of the gospel changing her life!  It's unbelievable how it works.

I received a new companion this week, Elder Lane.  He is a young guy from Arizona.  Very good kid and pretty entertaining!  Yesterday he bore his testimony in church and said, "Jeg elsker store medlemmer" which in English translates to "I love big members" - he had a good laugh afterwards! He's a very awesome guy and really willing to work.

My old companion was moved up to Trondheim to be companions with my old MTC companion, Elder Skinner.  Elder Skinner is a beast of a missionary and is tearing it up in Trondheim right now.  I was hoping he was going to be my companion a couple transfers ago.  Hopefully someday we'll be joined up and get to tear up a city together!

As for my old companion Elder Stookey, he was an awesome companion.  We were able to experience a ton of different miracles and amazing opportunities!  It was so much fun to serve with him and as I called him the night he moved to Trondheim - one of the things he said to me was, "Keep changing kids' lives."  It was the best thing I could have heard.

The west zone is going to explode soon.  Our district is really starting to produce, as we had 5 investigators in church and more visitors!  It's been an incredible ride to see the progression of this work in this area and throughout Norway.  Someday soon this place will be pumping out some impressive miracles!  They are already starting to flow and I'm so grateful to be part of it!

I know that faith is something that is real.  When we exercise it with faith in Jesus Christ and God, we can experience many miracles.  I am approaching 1 year as a missionary and I have never felt more refined and grateful for any other thing in my life.  I know this is the best use of time any individual can spend - bringing about happiness for our brothers and sisters.  I love this work and hope that everyone gets to experience the love our Heavenly Father has for each one of us!  I hope everyone gets to experience some of that light this week!

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