Monday, May 19, 2014

My Grandmother's Legacy

Hello everyone!!

I wasn't able to write this past week due to our zone taking our P-Day on this past Sunday.  We celebrated 17 Mai in Oslo!  It was the celebration of 200 years of Independence - such an incredible place to be!  However, this week I would like to write about something even more important that I've been pondering this past week.

My grandmother (Patricia Enger Holden) passed away a little over a week ago.  When I skyped home last week it was a bit sad because most of my family was gathered in California to be at the funeral.  Many sad emotions.  On my end of it, I am serving the Lord here in Norway.  My grandmother's ancestors came from this beautiful land.  When I got my mission call, I immediately called my grandmother to tell her the news.  She told me many things, one of them being, "your mission call completes my life" and "finally we'll have someone in the family speaking Norwegian again!"  Even until  recently, I didn't realize how important it is to her and to the rest of my family.

In the past week, I have seen my grandmother's maiden name two times.  Once on a mailbox and the second time on a truck as we were driving around.  It was a bit of a surprise for me.  My entire mission, I had not seen my grandmother's maiden name, but in the past week - immediately after she passed away, I have seen her name.

On the 16 Mai I was pondering the importance of my mission and I was overcome by many emotions - I realized that my grandmother is now with me on this mission.  I came to realize that she was no longer needed on this Earth but to be with me as I finish out my mission here.  I know that many miracles will begin to unfold here in this wonderful country - in these coming months.  It is only a matter of time that enormous miracles will come to be.  I know that my grandmother will be helping me fulfill those miracles in this land.

I have come to learn more about the Plan of Salvation as we teach people.  When we pass from this life we go to what is called the Spirit World.  That is where my grandmother resides now.  She is helping me fulfill missionary work for those who have not heard of this gospel yet.  I know this to be true because of the experiences I have had as of late.  I have never felt more close to my grandmother than I do now.  Although the sadness of losing a loved one happens, it is because of Jesus Christ - we can all enjoy the companionship of each other even beyond this grave.

If it weren't for my grandmother, my family would not be members of the church.  I would not be in Norway serving a mission.  Because of her life and the mission that she lead, I am now here - reaching the potential that God had intended me to become.  Personally, I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have, but also that my grandmother is now here to help me.  I am so grateful for God's plan for each of His individual children.  I love this work more than anything I've ever experienced.

I wish for everyone to be able to experience the blessings of this Gospel.

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  1. Beautiful. Thanks for all you do and sharing. You explained everything perfectly. I thought the same thing how it's very sad losing a loved one, but I also believe she loves being with all of us now. She always wanted to be a part of our lives and now she's with you and enjoying all the babies in our family.

    I'm grateful for Nana and her bringing our family to this gospel. I love knowing that we'll see her again and we all get to be with each other. It's wonderful that you were sent to where you are. I remember how excited the whole family was, and still are.