Monday, May 5, 2014

Reunited With Elder Skinner!

I couldn't have asked for a better way to start this transfer!  Elder Skinner and I are back on the grind again.  We were companions in the MTC - always wishing we could get a shot together in the field and now here we are.  I have thought many times that this could possibly be the most exciting time of my life!  We have so much faith between the two of us and an extreme determination to get things exploding.

This past weekend we taught a couple from Liberia.  We met the man when we were contacting on the street.  My last companion told me that he felt that we needed to talk to that man.  He was off in the distance and so I started pursuing him- not even questioning whether it was Heaven sent.  Indeed, it was.  We followed him for quite a ways, until he finally glanced back and we stopped him.  We began to tell him about prophets and apostles in this church.  Jesus Christ's original church has been reestablished on the Earth today.

We set up an appointment during the weekend to teach this man.  As Elder Skinner and I went to teach, we were expecting a short 10-20 minute lesson.  The Spirit was present and many sincere questions were asked about the truth - it turned into an hour long lesson.  When we asked this man what it would mean if the Book of Mormon were true, he said that it would complete his search to find the truth.  He had always wondered if his church was really the true one.  We bore testimony that the Holy Ghost would bear witness to him that it was true.  This man accepted to be baptized if he were to receive that answer.

We have started on a strong foot.  We have absolute faith between the two of us.  I have never had a more exciting point of my life than I do right here and right now.  I know that God has prepared us both to be serving here together.  We have had very similar experiences and very similar missions and now we get to magnify that in serving in Drammen together.

Many big things are going to happen here.  We don't want to waste a minute while serving here.  We already have another family lined up to teach this Thursday - a family from the Congo.  I know that God places us in situations to bless the lives of His children.  He has prepared many for these opportunities to follow Him.

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