Monday, June 30, 2014

He Helps Carry Us All

Hello everyone!!

This has been quite an incredible week for Elder Skinner and myself!  We had some great miracles happen in our area which I'd like to share.  Yesterday, at church, we had 6 investigators come to church (4 of them were from the same Lithuanian family) it was an absolutely incredible Sunday!  We didn't stop there either - we had a delicious dinner at the home of the Stake President's family's home and went out with a great energy.  It's so fun to work with the members here in Norway!!

As we were driving to our next destination, we decided to call some people to see if we could visit with them.  As we called a woman from the Philippines, she told me she needed help moving some stuff.  I told her that we could help her transport some things with her - she just said, "I am so lucky!"  It turned into being a couple hours of service for her and as we were waiting during some downtime, we were busy calling people trying to set up more appointments.  We did transport her things to a new apartment and while we were waiting for her we decided to stop by another family's home.

Many years back, a woman from Africa who couldn't speak Norwegian met with the missionaries.  However, this time she can speak the language, so we were able to get a return appointment (her native tongue is Swahili, of course).

We then went back to the apartment to drop off the items and the woman asked us to come and talk with her.  She began opening up and crying about how blessed she was by God that she was able to stay in Norway and how the missionaries in Sandvika have helped her so much.  It was an incredible opportunity for us to testify that God knows us individually.  He knows our needs, desires, concerns - He has the solutions for all of them.  It was through her faith that she recognized how He has helped carry her.  We were just there to serve and testify of the truthfulness of it!  It was quite special.

We found many people to teach this week.  We had an amazing Zone Conference focused on the importance of the Book of Mormon in our work.  I love that book and am so grateful for the transformation it has helped me make.  It really is truth.

We wish and hope for everyone to have the same passion about this work!  The traveling assistants are in Drammen today (Elders Badger and Weaver) to train the missionaries throughout the mission.  We were getting pretty passionate as to how we can help all of the missionaries recognize how special this work is!  We really know it's only through the members and missionaries that we can take this work forward!  It's a very special work we have to be part of!

Hope everyone has an excellent week!

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