Monday, June 23, 2014

Instruments in This Work

Hello everyone!!

I am grateful to say that it's been another full week!  It's always full of so many opportunities, obstacles, and blessings.  I finished the Book of Mormon for another time this past week - I know that book is the Word of God.  This man on the street this past week told us that the book was poison.  When asking him why he believes so, he told us that he believes in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.  I was able to share with him that I have gained a testimony of these individuals by reading the Book of Mormon.  It is sad to see that people don't fully understand that they must show their faith first  - before they can really come to know the truth of these things.  I know it's not easy to apply faith - it's an action.  It requires us to work, but it always yields the best results - blessings from our Eternal Father.

This past week, Elder Skinner and I had a great experience!  We were driving home from a sport activity on Saturday that we had with some of the ward members.  Elder Skinner spotted a man walking on the street and told me that he'd give me 10 bucks to go stop him (we were in street clothes).  When we kept our eye on him we could see that he was wandering, so I told Elder Skinner to park the car and we would go talk to the man.  We ran up the street and to the opposite direction in which he was walking.  We stopped him and started talking about how we were inviting people to come to church.  He liked that we were talking about Christ and invited us to his apartment.  In his apartment were pictures of an ultrasound.  We told him about the church a little bit and how we wanted to share more with him.  He told us we could come back later!  Elder Skinner pointed out that we had to go find him at that time, he mentioned, "Heavenly Father was preparing to send one of his children down to him and he wanted the child to be accepted into a family with the gospel."  It's incredible to see how Heavenly Father works.

This past week, we also called a number on the phone (we found a woman with a similar name on the street).  We ended up calling the same name but wrong number, and got an appointment with a whole family from Lithuania.  We taught them a little bit and got a return appointment.  They were so grateful to have us in their home and will be coming to church next week.  It was incredible to see how Heavenly Father sets everything up for His children!

We are only instruments in this work.  As we are used as instruments, Heavenly Father builds the muscle of faith within us.  It grows and grows and grows.  It is only through the Spirit that we are willing to go through all this work and stand as Witnesses of Him.  I can't explain how incredible it is to feel that the Atonement really transforms us into individuals who can become even greater than we expect.  Heavenly Father is real and He only wants to bless us and allow us to become exceptional.  I hope everyone experiences these blessings!

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