Monday, September 1, 2014

Anticipating Elder Bednar's Arrival

This week was absolutely insane!!!

We traveled out to Stavanger to give some training to the missionaries in the West Zone.  The missionaries there had such a good spirit and were so engaged, it made for a great meeting!  After the meeting, we were able to go up Preikestolen with all of the missionaries!  Luckily, I survived the trip again!  That night, I was able to be on a teach with a woman I've been teaching for nearly a year!  She has a baptismal date scheduled for October and we had an incredible lesson with her!  She was concerned about her son being prepared for the baptism.  We knelt in prayer and she explained that she felt that she needed to prepare her son.  The thought came to me that I would invite her to invite her son, as I was getting the words out to her, she immediately said, "I need to invite him!"  I had no doubt that the Spirit was present and that it led her to the same conclusion.  She immediately became overwhelmed by the Spirit.  It was such a powerful moment and we knelt in prayer again to give thanks for the experience we had.  The Lord is incredible!

We then went to Trondheim the next morning to give a training meeting for the missionaries in the North Zone.  Our training has been on our effectiveness of planning, and the missionaries have felt that it has been extremely beneficial to focus on this.  The results from this past week have shown that our mission is on the rise - it becomes better and better with every turn.  The most exciting opportunity we have, is that Elder Bednar will be visiting this country for a special Stake Conference.  He'll then give our mission a special training meeting!  Speaking for the missionaries, "We can hardly wait for him to get here!"

Elder Jones and I have had to prepare many flights, sleeping arrangements, travel plans to and from various locations.  It's been extremely busy, but we've got it all done!  Now we're just hoping that it gets executed correctly!

This work is real.  We all have a Heavenly Father who knows us and loves each and every one of us.  It's up to us to work towards accomplishing His goals.  He wants all of His children to live with Him again, and so, we need to help Him with that work.  I have done everything I can to make that happen here in this country, and I've never been more satisfied with anything in my life.  I hope that everyone can come to experience this happiness!

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