Monday, September 22, 2014

"Splits Magic"

Hello everyone!

This past week was capped off by the report we receive every Monday morning.  We get to see the results from the prior week, and this past week our mission had some of the best results we've ever seen!  It's so satisfying to see that the missionaries are catching the fire and that they 'get it' earlier and earlier on their missions.  We have some of the greatest missionaries here in the Norway Oslo mission!  It's been so satisfying to serve here and work with all of them!

This past Tuesday, my companion Elder Jones and I, went on splits with the missionaries down in Drammen. Two of my favorites, Elders Skinner and Halverson are down there.  It was a beautiful day in Drammen - we planned for a packed day.  As we were done planning, we realized that we hadn't even planned for lunch or dinner!  Our focus was entirely on the work and what we could do that day as a team!  Instead of making time for it, I just wrote down 'dinner' in my daily things to accomplish.  I was able to grab some quick food, so it all worked out.

The results of that day were incredible!  As we came back together at the end of the night, we were all pumped to have served together!  We had found new families, new investigators, taught new converts, done service for members, taught investigators in members' homes.  It was a full day of straight missionary work at it's finest.  In total, we taught thirteen lessons between the two companionships, and found six new people to teach!  You can never expect anything less when you're in Drammen and with those two missionaries.

It was the highlight of my week - we like to call it "splits magic" when we go to an area and light it up together.  It really is what makes it all worth coming out here and giving it your all!  I know that this is the Lord's work and that He provides when we show our faith.

I'm so grateful for every opportunity to serve in any capacity!  This week, we'll be heading to Trondheim for some splits with those missionaries - onto another great week in the Norslo mission!


  1. Hello! My name is Tina, and I live about one hour away from Oslo. I am currently in my senior year of higher secondary school, and in religion class we jsut got an assignment to make a presentation about a church of our choice, and me and some of my classmates chose The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Would you perhaps be interested in telling us some things about your religios views? This would be very helpful and we would be so so thankful!
    Best regards,
    Tina Møller

  2. Hei Tina!

    Det er Eldste Holden her. Vi har misjonærer i hele Norge så er det mulig at misjonærene bor i byen din! Hvilken by bor du på? Jeg kunne henvende deg til misjonærene. Vi har også en nettside - - som kan hjelpe svar spørsmål som du kanskje har! Takk for meldigen din!

    Eldste Holden

    1. Hei! Takk for svar! :) Bor ikke i en storby, bor ved Skarnes/Kongsvinger, ca. en time fra Oslo :) Er det noen misjonærer her i nærheten? :) Du kan gjerne nå meg per mail, :)

      Tina Møller