Monday, December 8, 2014

Sincerity in the Search for Truth

Only about a month more to go!

With the time winding down, I've still been trying to give it my best!  It's been so strange coming here to Oslo and to only be here for a couple weeks.  This week, I will be moving to my final area, Romerike.  One missionary needed to go home early because of an injury - so it has caused some changes in callings.  This has resulted in me being moved to Romerike to be in a threesome for my last 4 weeks!  It'll be exciting!  Romerike hasn't had a a baptism in 5 years.  I'm very excited to see if we can get a Christmas miracle in right before I leave to go home. 

This past week, we had a couple special moments.  We taught a couple - the woman's back was hurting so we gave her a priesthood blessing.  It was quite special to do.  It was our first time teaching them and they were very open to our message!  They asked about the differences between our church and other churches.  Since she will be studying medicine, I compared the authority in our church to that of a doctor - a doctor who has the education and is certified has the right to practice medicine.  One would not just go to a medical student who may be very knowledgeable about these things - they need to right to know these things.  The couple then said, "Now that you put it that way, we understand!" It's so fun to teach using analogies.

The same day, we taught a young guy from Iceland who is very open to our message.  We stopped him on the street to talk to him about the meaning of life.  We set up an appointment for the next day.  We taught him how to pray. He was asking so many incredible questions like, "How do I know when I get an answer?" and was very sincere in his search.  We shared with him a scripture that the purpose of life is to find joy.  It confirmed what he had said to us on the street - his thought on the meaning of life.  He was very grateful for it and said, "I have to sleep on this now." It's so great to hear about his desire to know!

This week, I'll be moving to Romerike, but it's so nice to know that every day is worth it.  As long as we give our best to the right cause - in the Lord's work - it makes all the difference.  I'm so grateful for the gospel in my life.  It has changed absolutely everything in regards to my life.  I love the Lord and His ways.  I hope everyone experiences the joy that this gospel brings!

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