Friday, February 22, 2013

Norway is Getting Closer and Closer!

Hello everyone!

I am approaching single digits for the days left in the MTC. I am expected to leave March 4th from here. If you can't tell, I think I've mentioned March 4th several times. It's an exciting thing to be approaching because the MTC can be overwhelming, stuck between cement walls, eating sort of gross food. But I hear in Norway we eat tons of hot dogs and frozen pizzas (but it IS Norwegian). This past week has been another success. The group going to Denmark has already left so we are approaching the older stages of the MTC. Because we are the older ones, we were asked to be hosts/direct traffic in the drop-off area of the MTC. So I got to wear a bright neon jacket directing traffic (unfortunately I didn't have my camera). It was a little sad to see families leave their missionaries, and made me think of my parents dropping me off. I like to think it was more of a happy thing to drop me here. This has been a blessing already for my family. I get to pray for each one of my family members every night, as a missionary, and I know my prayers have already been answered. I am excited to hear from back home. Don't think that I get homesick if you tell me about your families, it just makes me more excited because I know how vital this Gospel is to everyone and I see the blessings through your letters. I am grateful for this experience. I would like to thank Jim and Robin VanderRoest, they sent me a little package last week but I wasn't able to thank them in my letter back because I didn't realize I had a package from them. So thank you Jim and Robin!

Yesterday, one of the sisters in our district got a call from the mission president. He told her she would be serving in the west coast of Norway, and she would be driving a car. Exciting thing to hear, knowing we're approaching our arrival very soon! I only have one more P-Day in the MTC. Then it's off to "living in a postcard". I am so excited to be in Norway to have the opportunity to serve in my very own area. I know I will be terrible at the language (as we practiced mock-street contacting a couple days ago in Norwegian, and I wasn't good) but I know that the Lord will bless me. I am just being actively engaged in trying to learn the language, but have been blessed with a patience to try an learn the language. Usually I would get frustrated. But my goal is to focus on the investigators, try and meet their needs through scriptures that we prepare, and then give them the message we have prepared. I have already seen the blessing that it is to prepare to meet the need. I have come to understand the scriptures more and that has helped me to learn more about the Gospel of Christ.

I have to say that there is no bigger uphill climb I could be facing in learning the language, refining my street contacting skills, living up to being a missionary, etc. But I know that I can do all these things only because I am doing Heavenly Father's work and representing Jesus Christ on this Earth. There is no bigger privilege than this and no better place I would rather be. I do miss my family but I know that this sacrafice is one in which will bless them. I am grateful for that and I love my family and friends more than anything in this world. I greatly appreciate all your support and I pray for you all. I know prayers are answered and I hope that everyone continues to pray fervently, because you will all be blessed. I look forward to filling you in on my travel plans next week! I hope you all enjoy the pictures!


Eldste Holden

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