Thursday, February 14, 2013

Over the (MTC) Hump

I am officially over the hump at the MTC.  I am a little grateful for it too.  The MTC is getting more and more packed, which makes it difficult to get a seat in the Sunday and Tuesday Night Devotionals (the best part of being here).  We have some excellent firesides which motivate me to get out into the field and do some work.  I am getting more excited to get to my first area.  I am making it a goal of mine to introduce myself on my first Sunday in my first area, regardless of how much I humiliate myself.  It'll just be the right way to start off the official mission part.  Here at the MTC, my district is very solid.  We are all getting really excited to get to Norway.  We have 3 different teachers who tell us some pretty amazing stories about their Norway experiences.  They say prepare to eat a lot of hot dogs because that is what we'll be eating tons of.  Apparently missionaries have had bad experiences with fish so members rarely are fed that, but I will still have some experiences.  I recently also found out that there are a lot of African Refugees in Norway.  This is quite exciting for me (I thought I was going to be called to a French speaking, African country).  Except I have been called to "the best country in the world" which I am beginning to believe.  The pictures may have to speak for me.  We continue to learn more about the people and we met a sister who is from Norway here at the MTC, she is serving in Greece.  She told us about her hometown and if my companion or myself are called to that area she will have a couple people we can teach.  It is exciting times to be a missionary as so many people are joining us from everywhere for the common goal.  It's a great thing to be a part of and a complete honor to wear this badge.

A little Norwegian to share... Jeg heter Eldste Holden, jeg kommer fra Illinois, jeg er en misjonaerer fra Jesu Kristi Kirke Av Siste Dagers Hellige.  

I hope all is well everywhere else! Thank you to my parents and Stephanie for the Valentine's Day gifts. Happy Valentine's Day to all, best one yet! Enjoy the pictures!

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