Monday, April 22, 2013

Family Updates and a Baptismal Date Set

Hello everyone!

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to write to everyone again.  I am grateful for the support that I receive from friends and family!  You are all a blessing.

This week:

I missed my niece's birthday party.  Elise in 'One-derland'.  As you can tell, she turned one and my sister-in-law prepared an amazing birthday party!  She even found time to write me during the week, so I am grateful for that and to hear good things happening in my family!

This week was great though, we have a baptism that is coming up - we bumped the date back to May 5th.  A single mother of 3-children; we are hoping to encourage her and allow her to feel more comfortable in the decisions she has come so far to make.  It is excellent to be a part of the changes in people's lives.  To see their self-worth, self-confidence, and love for their family growing.  Most people think that religion holds you back from 'experiencing life'.  'There are so many rules.'  The very simple reality is found in scripture; as you lose yourself in this work, you find yourself.  As you hold to the commandements of God, you are set free from the chains of the world.  Such a sad incident that happened this past week in Boston.  It's an extremely sad world, but to participate in working as the light of the world is an absolute blessing.  As we bring our lives more in harmony with what our Heavenly Father desires and expects of us; as we bring our will in accordance to his - we can discover that miracles will be brought forth.  In my short almost 2 months in the land (tomorrow is my 3-month mark, crazy!) I have seen miracles upon miracles and I stand as a witness that faith really does bring about blessings in this life and in the next.

There is no doubt in my mind that this Gospel will bless the lives of those who are willing to listen.  I am not here to force anyone into commitments that they don't understand, but as a missionary that can help them

recognize the true joy that comes from having a family - and being an example to that family. This is my way of encouraging my family to be the best that they can be, and it's so satisfying.

I have felt myself becoming more connected with the work, the people, the language, and my desires to be better.  My confidence is growing in stopping people on the street to talk to them about a message which will only bring light into their life.  Often they say, "well I find joy in helping others and being a good person."  Of course that brings joy!  But there is even more joy to be a part of.  To know that miracles will be brought to pass, just on a simple act of faith.  When I grew up I used to think, "Well the Bible and the Book of Mormon, all those people are just people who have experienced miracles."  I have come to realize in the past year especially, that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us each, individually.  He knows exactly what we need most.  Even if it isn't exactly how we envision it - He has a plan to make us even more happy.  As we begin to act on faith towards Him, He then brings about miracles.  Miracles do happen and I've witnessed them here.

I love this opportunity that I have to be a missionary.  I love my family and friends and the support you all give me.  There is not one person in my life that I am not grateful for in some respect.  My sister, Stephanie is a huge blessing to me.  She puts forth time for me to help me keep this blog - and as you can see, she is extremely talented.  I am so grateful for the talents we have all bleen blessed with - and the simple idea that we can truly grow our talents.  I am here on a mission growing talents.  I would have never knocked on someone's door - or walked up to someone on the street - especially not to speak with them about religion . . . in a foreign language that's not even French!  What am I doing!?  I love it!  I am growing and becoming exactly what I never thought I could become.  I love this work and I am grateful for Heavenly Father - who knows me individually and allows me to grow every day.  It's great to be a missionary!

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