Monday, April 15, 2013

Blessings of Charity

Hello everyone!!

It's great to be out here on a mission.  I am hoping to become better everyday - I truly feel and see miracles performed every day.  I try to recognize them.  This week, the best miracles came with one of our investigators.  A single mother of 3 children; when the missionaries first met her she was living in a crisis center, temporarily.

After the first visit - she was living in her own apartment.  We continued to meet with her, she has been praying every day, and just this past week she received a Visa to stay in the land.  It was a blessing that I made sure to point out that Heavenly Father really did bless her.  She knows.  The best part with this investigator is that we've tried to visit her a couple times, but she wasn't home for a couple of the visits. However, we found her once in the mall with her children, and the second time at the bus stop.  Both times, we returned to her home to teach her and had lessons that made much progress.  It's so great to see the miracles that occur as a missionary.  It has to be so tough to be a single mother, but when we go there to teach I play with her children - and I know it is a relief for her that she gets to focus on her relationship with Heavenly Father for a little bit while I play with her kids.  Just to see the smiles on their faces, I feel like that is what Christ would do if he was here, doing this work.

I am grateful to be a missionary, just to see the impact the work has on families.  It's so satisfying to feel those feelings of charity.  I know that if we put our full trust in Heavenly Father, with faith He will answer all of our problems.  My full trust and confidence is in the Lord, that He will provide for us - and he truly has.  I am getting more comfortable in the land every day, I now understand the language more and more (even in church) and I feel better walking the streets and contacting people here in Norway.

It's great to be a missionary - thank you everyone for your support.


Eldste Holden

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