Monday, October 21, 2013

Back to . . . . Stavanger!

Hello everyone!

I have received some extremely exciting news this past week.  I got a call from my mission president the other day and was told that I will be moved back down to Stavanger to become a Zone Leader (I know I said I didn't want to talk about callings and leadership, because it really doesn't matter... but the news is too surprising to withhold it)!  Our transfers were supposed to be in 3 weeks, but I received a quick call saying I was getting shipped back down tomorrow!  I am extremely excited to see everyone again and to get back to work down there with a lot of people I have come to love!  When I was in the MTC, I felt a specific pull towards the city of Stavanger.  That was where I wanted to serve for some reason - I served in Sandnes for 5.5 months, and now I'm going back down to take some more time!  My president has let me know that I've got some work to do down there, but I really couldn't be more excited!  I came on this mission to work, and so I will be doing it every day that I'm here.  I specifically prayed that God would turn me into a man on this mission, and I feel that that has become the process.  I am grateful for every chance that I have gotten and for the ability to serve God.  It really is His work that we do as missionaries.  The many miracles that we come in contact with, all depending on our faith.

This past week we met with the woman who we met on the airplane from last week.  After she attended church she sent us a text a couple days later letting us know that she had given much thought to what she had learned.  I know she felt the Spirit of God; teaching her the truths of this earthly existence.  She asked if we would visit and to share a little bit more.  It was another special visit.  We read a chapter in the Book of Mormon - Alma 32, which speaks about faith.  It talks about how we grow our faith like a small seed.  As we give it nourishment and do the things that we need to do in this life, we can grow our faith to the point that it takes root.  Faith is something that is real.  It's not easily understood, but as we do the things that grow our faith (daily prayer, daily reading of the scriptures, attending church weekly) it allows us to grow a knowledge and understanding of our faith.  I know that the small seed of faith that I have continued to nurture through this mission has taken root.  I understand the truths of this life more here than I ever have before.  It is a blessing to share with people the truths that are found in the scriptures.  It's a blessing to be a missionary and to continue to be stretched in the Lord's work.  I know that miracles do in fact happen and that they are dependent on our desire to serve the Lord and follow His commandments.  These things are not man-made.  I hope everyone has a great week!

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