Monday, October 7, 2013

Conference and Technological Advances in the Church

Hello everyone!

After General Conference, there really is nothing much I can say spiritually, other than watch and listen to the talks given at this October's General Conference on  There are living prophets that live on this Earth, they lead The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  They speak every 6-months and bear messages that are the word of God.  If anyone takes the time to listen, I can promise that they offer answers to questions that many of us wonder.  It's very unique to be a member of this church and to be blessed with the opportunity to listen to those talks.

This past week was a busy one.  We set up the church for conference - we had to move the computer and set it up on the tv there.  It's pretty special to be a missionary in Northern Norway.  There are many pioneers here in the North.  Through technology they are beginning a new age of pioneering.  Shortly, we will be receiving a computer here, with a conference camera.  All the churches here in Northern Norway will have these items.  We'll be able to Skype one another and broadcast talks given in the various meeting houses.  We'll be able to communicate more effectively, and we missionaries will be able to hold meetings easier.  It's a very exciting time to see the pioneering age of technology take shape.  I am part of it first-hand!

This really is the work of the Lord.  The truthfulness of the gospel is found in our church.  As a missionary, we don't just kill time for 2 years to walk around and put down good community service on a resume.  It's the real deal.  We labor to bring people in and to help them receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As the President of the church said yesterday, "The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the penetrating light that shines through the darkness of life."  That is what it is.  We labor so that others can receive the light and knowledge of the truth.  Where did we come from, why are we here, where are we going . . . With this perspective in mind, we are able to teach and expound on the gospel to allow others to receive a surety that they will someday come back to a Heavenly Father who truly loves us as individuals.  The truth has been restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith.  That church continues to progress on this Earth today.  I am extremely gateful to be a missionary for this church.  I hope everyone has the chance to take a look at General Conference!

This week we will be traveling to Tromsø to be on splits and perform a baptismal interview.  We will then go down to zone conference in Trondheim and then come back here to Alta.  An exciting week to look forward too!  I hope everyone has an excellent week!

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