Monday, October 28, 2013

Stavanger and a Friend's Mission Farewell

This week has been pretty amazing!!  I flew to Stavanger on Tuesday to come back to my old area to serve as a Zone Leader/District Leader.  I was told the area needed a little help so they called me back to serve with this ward that I absolutely love.  Everyone who I have come to meet and know here has been absolutely special to me.  Now with the opportunity to work more closely with the ward, it's very exciting to me!

The night that I got here, we began contacting on the streets for a couple hours in the middle of straight rain.  I was having way too much fun being back in the city that I love here in Norway, that I couldn't contain myself.  We had some good success and met some awesome people as well - they have resulted in a few teaches.  The following day we had a District Meeting where I met all the missionaries serving here in the district.  I do believe we have the largest district in Norway here in Stavanger/Haugesund combination.  Another exciting opportunity!

It was so nice to see the members again.  There is an American family here in Stavanger with 4 small boys (they just had another one since I'd been gone, so it was so excited to see the new one!).  As I was leaving to go up to Alta, they told their boys I was going to the North Pole to maybe meet Santa Claus.  It's been 2 months and I had completely forgotten about that (as well as the parents), but they told me that as they told their boys that 'Elder Holland' (that's what they call me) had returned, the boys asked if I had talked to Santa Claus!

The most amazing experience of the week was definitely the opportunity to see my friend's farewell here in Stavanger.  Originally, she was unsure if she wanted to serve a mission, but as I (being a little bit older myself) came here, it helped her make a decision to serve a mission as well.  Just yesterday she gave her farewell talk with many friends and family present.  I really felt the Spirit of the Lord so much in that hour of church.  It was an extremely uplifting experience.  She will be serving in London South Mission.  It was all just an amazing experience with the Spirit so strong.

I love missionary work and I just love Norway.  Stavanger is a very special place to me and I look forward to the opportunities and the miracles that will take part here in the weeks to come!  I hope everyone has an excellent week!

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