Monday, February 10, 2014

Growth Among Our Investigators

Hello Everyone!

What an incredible week it has been!  It has been a little stressful to be honest.  I've received a new companion, Elder Hill.  He is from Virginia and has been on his mission for 9-months.  It is the first time I will be serving with another Zone Leader.  We have been expected to continue to build up the younger missionaries for the past several months - and now to receive a more experienced missionary (although 9-months is not ALL that experienced!) is quite different when we teach people!

As for the week - miracles have been happening here!  There was a woman that called the bishop here and told him she was interesting in learning about the gospel.  When the sisters went to teach her, she mentioned that she was praying to find out which church was God's church and felt she got an answer through many different experiences with the LDS church in her life.  It'll be exciting to see what happens!  The following day, the bishop was called by a 23-year old kid who also told him that he was interested in learning!

Then on Sunday, as one of our investigators was at church - she told us she had received an answer that the Book of Mormon was true! (She comes from a non-religious background - always believing that there was something but now comes to be in the church and feel of the Spirit!)  She told us all of this - of course while the bishop was standing right with us.  He's been able to see some of the fruits of our hard work in the area pay off!

Our zone as a whole has been absolutely incredible.  Many answered prayers have come lately.  It's incredible to see and know the hand of the Lord in the work.  It's been very rewarding to be part of all of this!  It feels like we actually make a difference - the Lord is with us the whole way and we just need to patiently keep working hard and continue being examples!

This upcoming week we have two meetings that we will be holding.  One is in Bergen and one will be in Stavanger.  They are Zone Leader Training Meetings - I just hope that they are successful!  The Lord is with us this whole way!  I literally feel transformed throughout this whole process.  I have become more deeply converted in knowing that He answers my prayers.  There is no other experience I could have gone through to know of Him better.  I am grateful every day that I've made the decision to serve... it's never too late!

I hope everyone has an excellent week!

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