Monday, February 17, 2014

The Meaning of Baptism and Confirmation

Hello everyone!!

So grateful to have another successful week!  This past week we held two Zone Leader training meetings.  One of them was in Bergen and the second in Stavanger!  All of the missionaries from Kristiansand, Arendal, and Haugesund came to the Stavanger meeting.  Both meetings were pretty solid - I'd have to say the Bergen meeting was best, but it went well!  It was pretty stressful at the start of the week, because I knew I was primarily responsible to be in charge of the meeting!  So if it was unsuccessful, of course it was because of me!  We talked about baptism, and the covenant that we make at baptism.  I am just grateful to have learned about that covenant and what we really enter into when we are baptized.

The baptismal covenant is not just a act of getting dunked in the water and showing God that we will perform an ordinance.  Really, there are promises that we make.  We promise to keep commandments, to represent Jesus Christ, and to serve Him always.  When we offer these things, we are blessed tremendously with the Gift of the Holy Ghost, a remission of sins, and the opportunity to be 'born again'!  All of these blessings have been incredible to me!  I really must say that I didn't understand that covenant at first, but after I have experienced what I have since being here - I am so glad I entered into that covenant!

After the success of both meetings, we found many prospects on the streets and have set up appointments for the future.  Some of our investigators have been doing very well - we even had an activity at the church put on by our Ward Mission Leader.  It was a success!  The strives to make the ward and missionary work together has also been quite successful!

My approach to this whole work is that I am trying to be as real as I can.  I try to show people through smiling when I contact them - how grateful I am to have this gospel.  It is the most real thing that I've ever experienced.  Two young guys on the street asked what if it all wasn't true.  I responded, "Well, then I've wasted away a lot of good time to grow my skills and abilities." But quickly stated, "I know it's not false."  The things I have experienced in life, I know that there is no other in receiving a fullness of joy but by following the commandments that God lays for us!

I hope everyone has a great week of growth and happiness!  I am so grateful for all the people in my life that have helped me to be where I am and who I am!

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