Monday, April 28, 2014

True Conversion


This week has been excellent.  To start off, we were able to go to Sandvika on splits - serving with Elders Curtis and Cooper.  I was able to eat lunch with an amazing man from Norway - Brother Kittelsen.  It seemed as if everything that came from his mouth was a learning experience.  He was teaching us about the magnitude of the work we perform, while also encouraging us to develop our skills by becoming better teachers of the gospel. "Dyktig lurer", was the phrase he used to explain some of the best missionaries he has worked with.  He suggested making it so simple, that children can understand it.

While on the streets in Sandvika we spoke with a man for about 70 minutes. It was quite a long contact with this man, but I know that the Lord spends so much more time on us trying to help us to reach the potential and be the men and women that we can be!  In this contact, the man attempted to say that we shouldn't be going to a foreign land to force things on people.  I agreed with him - of course we're not here to force things on anyone!  We're here to invite people to do things that will richly bless their lives.  That is what we do and in turn, they are able to recognize the blessings and change that comes from within.  That is real conversion.

The best thing I learned from this man was what he said to us, "Truth is in the eyes that see."  This man is very successful - he has worked with congresses around the world.  He has a home in France, he has a family, he's currently a pensioner.  I asked him, "what about a God that can see everything?" To which he was only able to respond, "Well if you believe in that."

Truth is universal.  It comes from the greatest source, which is God.  If we want to know truth - our relationship to Him - our relationship with our families and how they can become eternally connected - we ask Him and then we act.  He will give us answers, He will guide us, uplift us, inspire us, and always cheer us on.  I believe in a God who knows me personally, He knows what's best for me, He provided me with a Savior that has helped me overcome my weaknesses, and continues to do so.  Through His grace, we can overcome all.

 Speaking of knowing us, this past weekend was Stake Conference.  My Heavenly Father knew that I needed to serve in Stavanger, Norway.  I served there for nearly 11 months and was able to see my 'family' from Stavanger this past weekend.  I have never experienced a gratitude so deep as I do to my Heavenly Father, when I was able to see the people that I love so much.  I love all these people I serve, but the ward in Stavanger is my Norwegian family.  I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father that He has sent me here only to succeed through the help of His Son.  I know that all can do so in every challenge we face.

I hope everyone has an excellent week!

Some things I would like to share from the Conference that we attended is how everyone can be successful missionaries!!  Here are 10 Simple Points that were shared on how EVERYONE can participate in the Lord's work:

 10 Things Members Can Do to Help the Missionaries:

1.       Learn the names of missionaries in your ward or branch
2.       Pray for those missionaries by name
3.       Pray for missionary experiences
4.       Feed the missionaries
5.       At church, look for anyone you don’t know and talk to them
6.       Invite the missionaries to teach you a “practice” lesson
7.       Offer your home to fellowship investigators (invite them to your home after church for dinner, FHE, etc)
8.       Offer your home for the missionaries to bring people to teach lessons
9.       Decide you will not be shy about sharing the gospel
10.   Offer to provide rides for investigators and less-actives

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