Monday, March 17, 2014

Committing Others to Baptism and My Upcoming Transfer to Drammen

Hello everyone!

This past week we had a couple Zone Leader Training meetings, where we focused on language study and how we can improve on our language skills as a whole.  We had some pretty great learning experiences, but the one thing I'd like to focus on most is my splits that I had in Bergen.

I got to serve with Elder Badger in Bergen on Tuesday night and all through Wednesday.  Tuesday morning, our President called me and told me that we needed to double the baptismal dates in our zone.  At the end of the day, Elder Badger and I were discussing a lot of the mission and many different things regarding how we could improve.  It was quite the amazing talk we had, because throughout the week it was almost like it all unfolded for us.

The next day, in companionship study, we began focusing on inviting everyone we taught that day to be baptized.  I can say that throughout the day, we didn't invite everyone but we had the goal to fulfill the work.  However, at times we showed our faith by asking different individuals.  When we would ask people, it was like we were so confident that God answers prayers and that we knew that He could answer anyone's prayers by a certain date.

We ended the day by setting a date with one man.  However, on the days that followed, we met with a woman who was so set that she was not going to join our church.  As we sat and just listened to what she had to say, we realized that we agreed with many of the things that she expressed.  By the end of the teach, she was much more open and the Spirit was present.  We asked a member to pray and immediately after, there were tears in her eyes and she asked if he really meant what he said in his prayer.

It was incredible to see how the Spirit had touched that woman.  She was able to see that we are really just down to earth people.  We listen to what people have to say and we share with them the truths that God reveals to man.  We encourage people to ask questions and to really seek truth.  One must take it up with God to find out if what we are saying is true.  It requires action.

The act of my faith is that I am here serving a mission for my Heavenly Father's children.  By acting on what I believe, He has blessed me in the most countless opportunities I could not fill a weekly post with.  He is involved in every single detail of my life.

I will be moving to Drammen this week to experience a new opportunity, but the people I have met here in Stavanger are like my family - my Norwegian family.  I will miss them terribly after serving here for 45+ weeks, but I am looking forward to my future!  My sister's baby is absolutely amazing - and my whole family is beaming with happiness about it.  I know God takes care of those who obey His commandments.  They are there to protect us.

I hope everyone has an incredible week!

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