Monday, March 24, 2014

My Transfer to Drammen and a Baptism!

Hello everyone!!

This past week I moved to Drammen.  I can't even believe how incredible this place is!  We live on the mountain overlooking the city and I'm amazed everyday, how I can look out over the city and just see the beautiful view and see where we get to work!  At this time, we have incredible missionaries here in this area.  My new companion is Elder Gilreath, from Virginia/Alabama.  We are having great conversations about how we can improve the work in our zone, area, and work with the members.  The ward here is one of the most incredible wards in the mission!  The ward's leadership is top-notch in every aspect.  I'm extremely excited to be here in this city!!

As for the work this week, I walked into an incredible story.  There is an investigator that the missionaries have been teaching, she has read the Book of Mormon in 5 days!!  After reading it, she felt that it was true and was willing to follow everything that it said.  It spoke of baptism - and we shared with her the commandments we are required to live by in order to be worthy for baptism.  We were a little worried how she would react, but as we shared with her the commandments, it was absolutely no problem!  She will be baptized this Wednesday - perfect way to start off the transfer!  Two other companionships here in Drammen, also have baptisms scheduled for Sunday - very exciting!

Today in my personal study, I came across a story in the Bible I really had a desire to write about.  It's found in Matthew 14:22-34.  When I read this passage at the beginning of my mission, I remember having overwhelming feelings of gratitude for my knoweldge of the Savior.  When he sends His disciples away in the ship and they are caught in the midst of the sea in a storm, they were lost.  Christ was aware of their needs.  He then began walking towards them on the sea.  When His disciples saw Him in the midst of the storm, they were afraid - thinking He was a spirit.  As I put myself in that position, the thoughts and feelings rushed into my mind of the many times I was lost at sea.  When I would see any sign of the love of Christ through His servants, I was a bit afraid to accept the fact the the Lord really cared about me to send me someone.  Then Christ calms them, with a confirmation that it is indeed Him.

Peter, seeing this right away, desires to follow Him by walking on the water.  As he begins to walk on the water, walking completely by faith, he begins to fear and to falter.  As he began to sink, he cries out to the Lord to save him.  The Lord reaches out to him and says, "O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?"

I have found myself relating to this story in so many ways.  Many of us can find ourselves, some of us fearing that we are the ones seeing a silhouette in the midst of a storm - some attempting to walk on the water to follow the Savior - only to fail.  Wherever anyone is in that story, I have come to know with certainty - that when we are encouraged to act on faith, we should always take the course.  The Lord will always reach out to us at the exact moment that we feel that we are failing.  We may not always have enough faith, but I know that the Lord will make up the difference in our attempts to fulfill any work we try to accomplish.

I've never been more certain that this is Jesus Christ's church.  This is God's work that I am currently performing.  I've never been so grateful for all the blessings that come from being dilligent in the efforts of helping others find the truth. 

I hope everyone has an excellent week!

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