Monday, March 31, 2014

3 Baptisms This Week!

Hello everyone!

We had a pretty eventful week here in Drammen.  Our district had 3 baptisms this past week - that's more in one week than I've seen my whole mission, but I know the Lord has been trying to see what I'm made of this whole time.  I'm grateful that he's been refining me and testing me.  It's incredible to be able to show faith - sometimes it's not very comfortable to be quite honest! I'm just grateful that I've had to grind my whole time I've been here - now we're seeing some fruits of the labor.  Many more will begin coming!

This past week we had Zone Conference, 3 baptisms, some great teaches and a great miracle Sunday!  We have been asking the members, "Who can we pray for?" and they give us friends, family, members of the church - anyone who we can pray and fast over.  We even sent some of the names to the temple with a member this past week.  We had a zone-wide fast on Sunday for people throughout the zone.  Just yesterday a member of the ward brought her friend to church and told my companion that she wants to learn about 'Frelsesplanen' - The Plan of Salvation.  She recognized that what she was learning about was good.

The miracles that we experience here in Norway are very specific.  It is quite obvious in everything that we do, that it is a product of our faith that God lives and answers our prayers.  When we do our work and show him that we are willing to receive anything He desires to send our way - He begins to entrust us with his children.  I used to think these testimonies by missionaries were cliche, but I've come to see, feel, witness that God really does answer our prayers.

He will help us to learn in every setting and every opportunity we go through.  Whether it be in a new job setting, a friendship, a trial in life - He always gives us the chance to learn for ourselves.  He gives us the right to choose.  He gave us a Savior as an example of how true happiness can come.  It's not the easiest path, but it's the one that certainly brings the most certainty and happiness.  I have full confidence that God lives and knows us as His individual children.  I know everyone can experience that if they work towards it.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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