Monday, March 3, 2014

Choosing to Follow Him

Hello everyone!!

This week was pretty solid!  To highlight a couple of the events that occured - Wednesday - the AP's came on splits to the area.  We had a day full of finding, where we ended up finding about 15+ potential people that gave us phone numbers and e-mails.  It was absolutely incredible to be out there and see the work done in front of us!  One time the assistant said, "We need to find someone".  A girl walked out of the shopping mall so, we stopped her and eventually told her that Heavenly Father knew her personally and loved her.  She told us "thank you" and you could tell it was so sincere.  It was a special day!

At the end of the day, we taught one of my favorite investigators who we asked to keep the Word of Wisdom (the health law that we Mormons live by).  As I asked her to keep the commandment, she looked to the picture of the Savior as if it was He, himself asking her the question. She recognized it wouldn't be particularly easy but said she would keep it!  In the next couple of days, she sent us a text expressing how grateful she was for the work we do.  We really are the disciples of Christ, asking others to follow Him.

On Friday, my companion and I traveled to Haugesund for splits.  At the conclusion of the splits, one of the missionaries asked me where I would be attending school after my mission.  I told him that I had received my Bachelor's Degree from Illinois State and that I will probably be going to graduate school shortly thereafter.  He then said, "I was going to ask why Elder Holden was so mature" - the comment really hit me.  On the bus ride home, I was deeply thinking about that comment and the many incredible role models and experiences I had to prepare me for this work.

To anyone who ever wonders - I know that Heavenly Father knows us as individual children.  We are all special in His plan to bring about His work.  As an Elder in the church once said, "It is not about where we have been in life, but where we are willing to go."  As we show the Lord our willingness to serve His children, He will help us know how much He really knows each one of us personally.

I am grateful for this experience and I hope that everyone has an uplifting week!  Happy March!

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