Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter 2014!

Hello everyone!

I first want to start by wishing everyone a Happy Easter!!  Norwegians love their holidays!  So, of course, many went to their cabins and enjoyed their vacations!  A lot of people told us that this week would be slow, so due to that bit of info, we decided to hold our Zone Leader Training Meeting. It was an excellent meeting with a great spirit.  We were all pumped to go out and work!  So, we did!

When everyone told us that the week would be slow, our missionaries in this zone responded with an excellent week.  Nearly every companionship found an investigator.  We received several new baptismal dates and everyone was so pumped to go even stronger the coming week!

Some of the blessings that we experienced this week came when we went on splits with the assistants.  We found a couple potential families that we will try back, and we even found some investigators!  One particular day, we decided to fast over our area.  We wanted to have success in our area, knowing that faith requires action of all sorts. 

That very day, as we were driving home, I felt the impression to visit a woman.  As we drove up to the woman's house, her son was just going into the house.  We walked up, door still open, and greeted the woman.  We asked if we could come share a spiritual thought with her.  She invited us in and as we shared our thought and spoke about Christ, she became quite emotional.  We bore testimony to the reality of these things - adding to what she already knew.  As I read from the Book of Mormon, the power and spirit of that book filled the room and she became more emotional.  She said that moments before she had a weak faith, but after the encounter - she was filled with the Spirit and was so much more open to listening.

It was incredible to see the power of the Book of Mormon at work.  It is a book that testifies of the Divinity of Christ.  Many people are afraid of the book because it is new to them.  Of course it is new, but it testifies of the most powerful man that lived on this Earth.  It strengthens our faith and understanding of the work that He performed on this Earth.  It's so special and so real.  I know that there is a power that can't be denied when any honest seeker of the truth reads from it - they become spiritually filled.

I am so grateful to share that message and to have witnessed miracles throughout the Easter season -serving as a servant to our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.  I know of the reality that He really went through with the pains and afflictions of each one of God's children while He performed His ministry.  I wish that everyone could have that same knowledge about the mercy and love that is found through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

I hope everyone has another great week!

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