Monday, November 17, 2014

Elder SHANE Holden

Hello everyone!!

This week I'd just like to share something that has been incredible to me!  Since the beginning of my mission, I have been praying that my brother Shane would go on his own mission.  A few months ago, he received a call to serve in the Daejeon South Korea mission!  This past weekend he was set apart as a missionary and this week he will be entering the Missionary Training Center in Provo, UT!  It has been a miracle to me!  Heavenly Father has answered my prayers.  The answers have been so distinct and so direct, that I know that my prayers are heard!

This past week Elder Skinner and I caught eye of an area where we felt we needed to knock on doors.  It was just off the highway (as we were driving home from dropping some of the missionaries off).  We decided to knock on doors that night.  We found some people who were interested and asked us to come back last night.  We did so and continued to knock in that area.  We found a family where the mother had been baptized into the church in the Philippines.  She let us into her home and we discovered that she has a family - her mother a member, and her children never having heard of the church.  Their son, Shane, told us that he believed in Christ because of the things he had heard about Him.  It was so special to see!  I was so excited to tell him that I had a brother named Shane too!  I love how the Lord works - He always seems to set us up in some unique situations. We'll be going back to visit this family later this week!

Yesterday, was Stake Conferece in the Oslo Stake.  One of the Area Seventies came from Germany.  He shared about the joy that the gospel brings.  He shared that the world is preoccupied with having 'fun', while the gospel on the other hand brings everlasting joy.  There is a huge difference in getting into a Ferari and driving it for 2 minutes.  When you get out you say, "That was fun" and then you look for the next car that you can drive.  The gospel on the other hand, gives us everlasting joy.  As one partakes in the joy of the gospel, it gives an everlasting sense of peace.  Such things, I have experienced in comparison, with the things that the world has to offer.

The gospel which is personified by the example of Jesus Christ has been the most rewarding thing I have learned in my life.  I spent time studying Finance in school, completed my degree, and began working afterwards.  These things were good - they helped me to progress and to gain experience.  The most rewarding thing I have learned, however; is that through learning of Christ and His example, an individual can reach heights that stretch him or her beyond his or her own capacity.  There is a joy that comes in becoming what the Lord sees us becoming.  Our experiences are not accurate enough to show who we can become.  Through application of the gospel, I have been able to transform into an individual whom I never thought I could become.  I never thought that I would be able to walk around Norway and testify that I know God lives and that Jesus Christ is our perfect example.  The truths that I have been able to share, have lead me to witness miracles.

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