Monday, November 3, 2014

Small and Simple Things

Hello everyone!!

So grateful to be able to write this week - we had some amazing experiences!  We did a lot of traveling, but it was so rewarding!  On Wednesday, we were in Stavanger for a Zone Conference and that night, we were able to be at a baptismal meeting for the woman whom I have been teaching for over a year!  I have stayed in contact with her, and her special baptism came!  It was an absolutely incredible experience!  I was able to be part of the baptism and it was such a special moment!

We then went up to Trondheim to have another Zone Conference and it was another great meeting.  We are realizing more and more just how special the missionaries are who serve in this Norway Oslo mission!  On one of the nights we were in Trondheim, I had a pretty special experience that I'd like to share:

I was sitting on the bus to drive back to the apartment in Trondheim, when I was wishing that I could talk to someone on the bus about the gospel.  I said a little prayer and asked God if He would set someone next to me and I promised that I would talk to them about the gospel.  About a minute later a girl sat down next to me and I started talking to her right away.  She immediately told me her name and told me that she was in Norway on exchange from Kenya to teach a Bible Study class.  It was very special to be able to share with her about the Book of Mormon.  We use the book along with the Bible because they were both written to strengthen our faith and understanding of Christ.  I asked her if she would be willing to learn more about it - she told me that it was new to her, so I gave her a pass along card and she walked away looking over the card.

It was such a simple but special experience for me to know that God answered my prayer!  I know that He does so by small and simple things.  I am really grateful for my opportunity to grow and to share the gospel with others because I know that special experiences such as baptism lead us back to God.  It was so special to be part of the teaching process, but most of all, baptism!  I really love this work and I know that it's Heavenly Father's work!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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